Meta web

31 May 2012, 9:24PM

I had a realisation today. That after web 2.0 we're moving towards the Meta web. This is where the web provides services and the Meta web then combines, links and consumes these services as a layer over top.

A simple example of a service is Google Maps, one that is embedded on many sites and for lots of different purposes.

A more modern example is Mustachify which is a simple site that takes as a parameter an image url and returns that image with a mustache drawn over it. This is then consumed in Campfire which allows you to google search images and return one with a mustache over it. Two services, Google search + Mustache, combined for use as required in Campfire.

We are trending towards this, construction of simple consumable services and tools which can be connected, put together to create something greater. Many of the sites of the future will be built of these tools, creating flexible sites, my blog with a feed of recent news + images with mustaches on them.