14 Feb 2013, 12:01PM

Back in the day I used to write lots of little graphics demos in Pascal. Putpixels, draw lines, circles, polygons, 3D shapes, cloud textures and animations, fire, etc, etc. I had a LOT of them.

Now everything is hardware accelerated in Graphics Cards. And everything provides the line, circle methods etc to draw fast shapes. I've been wanting to reproduce a good clouds animation in HTML for awhile now. It seems to be the right time. The canvas 2D context has a .createImageData() method which allows you to retrieve an array of pixel data for a canvas and a .putImageData() method to put it back again. I can then manipulate pixels like once I did.

I've written a basic library to wrap all this up including steps for animations. I've put together a few demos here and will look to publish the jQuery library once tidied up.