Project Challenger

Planning: All good ideas must have a plan.

Later that week and the excellence of our little adventure was still coursing through me. I knew I had to do something about it but at that stage I didn't know what. I arranged a lunch meeting with Crispin to initiate a project that would go down as a story to tell the grandchildren.

Over a most excellent chicken sandwich at Arizona we discussed what was required, participants, equipment list, dates, costs and a suitable route to visit. The following gives a quick summary of the details that we came up with over the next week or two...



Take the couch out on the town and show it a good time.

Visit lots of locations, get photos

Meet lots of people, get photos

Get the couch home safe

Get a photo of a topless chick on the couch



Ashley, Crispin, Thomas, Damian.






3x36 Film

1 Couch

120 Chupa Chups




Starting on Majoribanks St, down into Courtenay Pl, down Blair St, through Chaffers park and on to Te Papa, back down Tory St to Molly's then the FATs, time for a rest at Cuba mall then onto Manners mall, through Civic square, across Frank Kits park, then Queens wharf, back down Lambton key and thru Manners mall then finally returning to Courtenay Pl and the couchs final resting place, home.



Original date: Saturday, 26th August, 2000.

Revised date: Saturday the 23rd of September, 2000.

The mission would only work if we didn't have heaps of our people trailing along and getting in the way, so only Crispin & myself knew about it, we told Damian and Tom to book in something for that night but we wouldn't tell them what, the day before we let them in on it... and then the next night it was raining, the mission was delayed, so of course needing something else to do they decided to cut my hair which had been past shoulder length for the last 6 years... I got a no#2 hair cut but made $50 out of it. So a couple of weeks later when the weather was fine we began project challenger...


[let the fun begin...]